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Top 10 Digital Banking, Technology and CX Stories of 2018

Here are the biggest stories about digital transformation and disruption published by The Financial Brand that captured the banking industry's attention in 2018.

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Bringing Digital Experiences In-Store And Other Top Retail Trends For 2019

In 2019, we’ll continue see emerging retail trends leveraging technology and digital media. This is now becoming the new set of expectations as shoppers demand a more robust and dynamic brick and mortar experience.

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Five Innovation Trends That Will Define Banking in 2019

The banking industry is beginning to incorporate the traits and practices that were once the domain of fintech startups. Banks and credit unions have become more comfortable with a faster pace of innovation, using data and analytics more extensively and digitizing processes as opposed to simply turning paper into PDFs.

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Digital Trends Shaping the Future of E-commerce

Shopping has been transformed by the e-commerce revolution. It has become an activity that you can do in a few minutes without even changing out of your pajamas. Since its inception, the online shopping experience has changed greatly, and the amount of money and time people spend on it has increased a lot.

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Videos on app help patient resist obsessive compulsions

A brain-training app could help people with obsessive compulsive disorder to manage symptoms such as excessive handwashing.

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UX Design: Connecting with today’s consumers

Engaging with customers is essential to success and, therefore, it is important to design user experiences that are pleasant and genuinely able to create a connection with customers, especially when the interaction is not person to person.

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How banks should prepare for robots going rogue

Banks are rolling out machine-learning applications to handle all manner of tasks once reserved for humans, from customer service to automated investment picking. But are they ready to clean up the mess created if the robots go rogue?

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What is adversarial artificial intelligence and why does it matter?

Adversarial AI is the malicious development and use of advanced digital technology and systems that have intellectual processes typically associated with human behaviour. These include the ability to learn from past experiences, and to reason or discover meaning from complex data.

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Crypto-Tokens Provide New Ways to Supercharge Customer Loyalty

75% of consumers are active in no more than three customer loyalty programs at any one time, so it takes plenty of effort to find ways to stand out from the crowd by creating a loyalty program with maximum flexibility. One of the ways that some companies are exploring is linking loyalty programs to crypto-tokens and giving customers plenty of options regarding how to use them.

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How technology is transforming the food chain

We're experiencing the second green revolution, and it's a digital one, whether you're talking about using technology for agricultural production, or using technology throughout the supply chain, to protect food and distribute it to a marketplace.

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